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In-depth evaluations are performed using relevant standardized tests as well as informal observations during play in order to determine therapy goals. The standardized tests measures a child's visual perceptual skills, fine- and gross motor skills, organization skills, coordination and balance, and many more.

Evaluations usually take 90- 120 minutes to complete.

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Child-centered therapy sessions are filled with fun to ensure children achieve mastery and gain confidence whilst meeting therapy goals. It is recommended to commit to 6 months of weekly therapy sessions to truly start seeing positive results as standardized tests could only then be re-evaluated.

Some children might meet therapy goals sooner, or later, depending on goals and diagnosis.

School Visits

Weekly therapy sessions can take place at various school, working alongside the teachers to ensure goals are met and classroom adaptions take place.

(Rules and regulations relevant to each school).

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Baby Development

Working alongside parents to ensure their baby meets their developmental milestones.

Baby stimulation group classes to start soon. Please inquire about adding your name on the waiting list.