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About Us

I am an Occupational Therapist that graduated from the University of the Free State. I have always loved children and therefore pursued a career which enables me to help children grow, to unlock the keys to understanding themselves as well as to gain confidence in themselves.

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Mission Statement

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To provide high-quality, loving and nurturing intervention to every child treated. To embrace family and school participation by creating opportunities for growth and independence through play.

Vision Statement

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To build a practice where children can discover themselves, reach their full potential as well as to increase their quality of life, overall wellbeing and confidence by equipping them with lifelong skills.

Benefits of Occupational Therapy

Children's main occupation is to play and learn. They learn the best whilst playing.
When children have difficulties with play and or learning, it could have a bigger impact on their daily life.
Occupational therapists assists with these challenges in order to improve their independence and overall functioning.

Our Services

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In-depth assessment is performed using relevant standardized tests as well as informal observations during play in order to determine therapy goals.


Child-centered therapy sessions are filled with fun to ensure children achieve mastery and gain confidence whilst meeting therapy goals.

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School Visits

Weekly therapy sessions during school visits to ensure children reach their therapy goals and full potential in all environments.

Baby Development

Working alongside parents to ensure their baby meets their developmental milestones.

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